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Sydney 3 Day Teaser Trip – Win an Action Camera!

Those of you who have visited Sydney over the years will more than likely have noticed a huge PO cruiser ship that docks in Sydney harbor. It is one of the biggest cruise ships in the world and it is famous as so many tourists see if in Sydney harbor every year. It is docked there year around and does all kinds of cool trips. It goes to New Zealand, Hawaii and all around Asia depending on which trip you would like to do with them. They are now also offering a 3 day teaser trip which is perfect for those who have never been on a cruise holiday before and want to get a feel for it.

Sydney ship action camera compA common concern about booking a cruise holiday is the classic “cabin fever” fear which is understandable but most people who have been on a cruise trip will assure you that there is plenty to do on these cruises and you will very unlikely to be bored. On this particular cruise ship you have plenty to do and there is an on board swimming pool, casino, multiple bars and even a gym for those of you who want to keep fit on your trip. There are tickets for this available on groupon at a 30% discount for those of you who are interested. We are also offering the chance to win an YI action camera if you sign up for our newsletter where we will be offering more deals on cruise ship experiences.

The YI action camera can be read about on their official website so check it out as you can use it to record your next cruise holiday and make all of your friends jealous!



Advantages of bringing an Android TV Box on your holidays

Apologies for the recent down time on the blog. Our domain expired as the reminder emails were going to the wrong email address which meant it went down for a small period of time. Unfortunately we lost a lot of our content but nevertheless we shall begin from scratch if need be as it is a hobby of love! It is the time of year to be booking your holidays as it gets closer to summer and many people will have already made bookings or put down deposits for their big holiday of year.

holiday timeThe most popular destinations will remain the same with Spain and France leading the way due to being close to home. Other destinations will include the USA which can turn out quite expensive or even further afield like Dubai. Although not being a fan of long flights we feel Australia is often over looked for obvious reasons. Australia is about a 28 hour journey from Ireland which can sound quite long but at the end of the way it is only 2 flights away and you are on the other side of the planet. It has great weather, amazing beaches but can be quite pricey especially in cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

We have decided to go out to Sydney again this year and this will be our third time out there as we have family in Sydney. We have done a lot of the tourist activities there already so this time we just plan to soak up the Australian lifestyle and relax on the beach, go for a surf and go out to the many great cafes in Sydney. We will be going for 1 month so we plan on bringing our android TV box so we can watch TV from home and not miss any of the rugby on show. For those of you interested in an android box you can check out the android tv boxes website in Australia.