Why unbranded bluetooth speakers are a viable alternative

There are many times you get out of a shop with something for a few hundred dollars. After walking a few shops, you find that same item being sold at a much lower price. This is the Unbranded version of the product. It is offering you the same functionality, same features, and even same physical appearance. This is the paradox in our markets. There are electronic gadgets that are available at a high price as they are branded, while at the same time there is something that has so much of resemblance with the branded one but is available at low prices. There are many reasons why the Unbranded electronics like bluetooth speakers are as good as the branded ones.

Physical appearance

The first impression is the last impression, this saying is so true in the debate of Branded and Unbranded electronics. The Unbranded electronics are made to look exactly like the branded one. The companies that make these Unbranded products don’t compromise at all on the physical appearance of the product. They make it so presentable, shiny and resembling that it looks even better than the branded one.


The features are another reason why Unbranded electronics look similar to the branded ones. These companies try to offer all the features that are offered in the branded product. Suppose a phone that is a few dollars might be having the same features like a few hundred dollar phone. These features convince the user to have the opinion that the Unbranded electronics are as good as the branded ones.


No one owns the technology. Once you get your hands on any information, it becomes yours. Their many products which have the same technology as the branded products. Companies are manufacturing mobile chargers which have the same features and functionalities as the branded chargers have. In such a situation, a branded charger is asking its high price just because of the brand name on it. People don’t go for these super expensive products rather they buy products which cost them less and give them much.


Marketing is another game changer. The branded products are not marketed that consciously. These brands think that they have the monopoly of their name but when someone offers it all at a low price the monopoly gets over. The Unbranded products are widely marketed in a thousand of means. They are introduced to every person in the whole city or country. This extensive marketing force people to leave the branded products and adopt the Unbranded. The time they realize the features of the Unbranded product, they get completely impressed of the Unbranded product.


People are much more conscious about the presentation of the product. An unpacked product will surely lag in quality with the branded one. The Unbranded electronics are being wrapped in the most professional manner and up to the international standards. This presentation attracts the mind of the buyer and makes it think that the Unbranded ones are as good as the branded ones.

How to Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

The refurbished phones are setting new trends in the mobile market. There is common thinking of people today that throwing old phones and making new ones will cause the earth its resources. To cope up with the requirements, the earth has to have enough resources. More than that iPhone is a very expensive piece of luxury; it is not every day that you buy a new iPhone. Suppose you have bought a new iPhone and by the time you get to know it, you realize that it is not what you wanted. This will cost you your money, and you may have to compromise on some of your crucial requirements. Thus, having a refurbished iPhone can be a very good option. It will save you hundreds of dollars and can also give you space to check the phone for your needs.

Buying a refurbished iPhone

refurbished iphoneBuying a company refurbished iPhone is not an easy task. Apple hasn’t launched company refurbished iPhones on their online store. They have a whole team of technicians, but they save the stock for the people who run into some problems with their iPhone. In a situation like this, you have to consult a third party that is selling a refurbished brand. There are some complications involved in this procedure as there is a third party involved that is to be trusted. Here is a complete guide explaining how to buy a refurbished iPhone.

Find a third party

The first and the foremost step is to find a trustworthy third party that is selling refurbished iPhones. You must look for someone having good ratings and satisfactory reviews.

Return Policy

You must do some research on the third party you are selecting. You must see the return policy of the company. You must get enough time to test your device. If there is any problem, there must be a proper procedure to handle such problem. The party that is offering a return policy of, ideally, 99 days in a year is considered as ideal to do business with.

Technicians & inspection

You must research whether that company has a proper team of technicians or not. You must be fully aware of the inspection procedure of the company. You must know that if a problem arises in your device, how is it going to get resolved?


The price of your device must be low. Typically a refurbished iPhone has a price difference of hundreds of dollars. If a party is asking for more than you must get alarmed.