Beacon Cruises are giving away an Android TV Box!

Having an interesting time of entertainment on an Android TV Box being shown for viewing on a big TV screen is beneficial. Now, with sophisticated technological creations, you can enjoy your android gadget with a TV that has HDMI compatibility.

android boxThe Performance of an Android TV Box.

With a remote, you can quickly examine the WWW to see sites, see your preferred movies, and take part in seminars. Numerous media possibilities that the Web deals are now slowly making cable television service to be outdated. It is an easy fact that it’s not every program that you prefer to see on your local TV stations, however with your Web connection you are in control of what you desire per time.

The Expense Element.

The road of 21st century innovation now causes broadband connections for investigating content from the web. The box is going to make TV networks end up being old-fashioned in the closest future. Unlike many Internet-enabled TVs that cost more money from memberships, an Android TV Box does not need any membership, and you can see anything online totally free. You would agree that you have access to free online movies and free apps if you own an Android smart device. Apart from the expense of buying package, there are no other membership expenses connected to its use so it is a one off fee from somewhere like

Here are a few of the advantages of utilizing the Android TV box:

Unlimited apps

Among the most valued advantages is the capability to use and set up the limitless apps that are now available on the Android OS. Utilizing the web connection, by going to the Google Play store, it is possible to set up the current apps connected to not just multimedia content, however likewise audio applications, etc.

TV support

By linking the Android TV box to the TV in your home through the web; it is likewise possible to link to other devices in the home. This makes it extremely versatile to share numerous kinds of multimedia with the TV. It is possible for an Android suitable tablet or smart device to engage and control the TV while enjoying a downloaded series or a movie on the big screen or likewise offering the option to share files with a laptop. In general, this kind of setup offers a basic entrance to get the web on the TV.

Terrific rate.

The expense of updating a basic TV to take advantage of all the possibilities of Android is fairly inexpensive compared with buying a clever TV. Plus, the combined Android TV box and basic TV can use a lot more than a standalone wise TV.

Regular updates.

The Android os is upgraded regularly, which indicates the current variation of a system, application, or game is always available. Plus, this is normally done immediately so there is no need to keep looking for updates when logged into the app store. This is considerably easier than a clever TV which can take a while to get updates, specifically when every brand of TV needs to have its own upgrade produced and launched.

Things to consider while buying Portable speakers

Bluetooth speakers get quite popular day by day and there are various reasons for it. With the help of a good Bluetooth speaker you can listen to any type of music from your laptop, desktop or smartphone. Bluetooth speakers are generally quite easy to use and it is very much easy to install with your smartphone or laptop. The good thing about a Bluetooth speaker is you can use it anywhere. So, if you want to use this for a birthday party or any type of festivals, then you can use it quite easily. And if you listen to the music with Bluetooth speakers you won’t face any distortion or disturbance in the sound. So a Bluetooth speaker also produces a good quality sound.

But before you buy a blue tooth speaker you need to consider a few things, and those things are:

1) Portability:

When you are buying portable speakers, you really should think about the portability. If you can carry your Bluetooth speaker, anywhere, then it must have good portability and you really should opt for such Bluetooth speaker because you may want to listen to music no matter where you are.

2) Water proof:

Before you buy a portable Bluetooth, you must check if it is waterproof or not. If it is not water proof, then it may get damaged by water, which is really undesirable. So you really should look for such portable Bluetooth which is waterproof and won’t get damaged by water. So if you want to listen to the music while you are swimming, then you can do it quite easily with a water proof Bluetooth speaker.

3) Provide extra power to your smart phone:

If you are travelling a long distance and if you want to listen to music from your smart phone during that traveling time, then you should look for such Bluetooth speakers which can provide an extra facility to your smart phone. Like there is some Bluetooth speaker which provides an extra USB option for your smartphone. And it really can be helpful for you.

4) Speakerphone facilities:

There are some Bluetooth speakers available in the market which provides some extra features as well. As some Bluetooth speaker offers speakerphone facility. So, that you can use your Bluetooth microphone as a microphone. And if you are using your Bluetooth speaker with your smartphone, then you can attend calls with that Bluetooth speaker as well. So, you can understand that it is a very important and essential feature provided by a Bluetooth speaker. And if you are thinking about buying a Bluetooth speaker, then you really should consider this feature.

5) Powered speakers:

All of the Bluetooth speakers are not portable. There are some Bluetooth speakers which can’t be ported, but those Bluetooth speakers are basically for your home or office. So, if you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker for your office or home, then you really can opt for such speakers.

So, these are the main things that you should consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker.

Android TV Box: Enjoying an HD TV From the Comfort of Your Living Room

Nowadays, smart TVs are getting quite a popular day by day as it provides plenty of features to its user. But at the same time, it can cost a hefty strike on your pocket as well. So, many people can’t afford these TVs for their high prices. In that case, you can opt for an Android TV box, this box is generally very cheap in price. So, that anybody can afford it quite easily. So, any TV with an HDMI port can support this box quite easily. So there won’t be any real compatibility issues. With the help of Android TV box, you get a complete display of an Android screen on your TV. And with the help of that you not only get the access of different multimedia facilities you can also get the access to different Android apps which will very helpful for you.

How an Android TV box function?

With the help of an Android TV box, you can be multiple features which can be offered by an Android device. You can go and watch different movies or sports show when you connect an android tv box with the help of different apps. You can also search through Google or go to any website from your TV with the help of an android tv box. You can also get an access to various social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. and you can check your status on those social networking websites.

The cost factor:

Cost is a real big issue when it comes to buying a smart tv. The smart TVs, which are available in the market are quite costly so if you have a limited amount of budget or if you don’t want to spend a heavy amount of money on buying smart TVs then you can opt for going this Android TV box. Android TV box available at very low price and it won’t cost a hefty strike on your pocket. And at the same time, you will get most of the facilities of a smart TV with the help of an android TV box from And unlike other internet enabled TV you don’t have to pay any extra money for the subscription of the Android tv box. So, you can understand that and Android tv box is very much cost effective.

The setup process:

The Android TV box is quite easy to set up. What you have to do is just plug the box into the main power source and then you have to connect it to the HDMI port of your tv. But it is very important that your tv must have an HDMI port unless your android tv box won’t work.

Other benefits:

There are some other benefits of using an android tv box and those benefits are:

  1. You can transfer any data from your computer or mobile, and these data can be like different pictures, movies or documents, etc.

  2. With the help of this box, your tv can run most of the android apps.

  3. You will also get an internal storage of 32 GB.

So, these are the main benefits of using an Android TV box.

Why unbranded bluetooth speakers are a viable alternative

There are many times you get out of a shop with something for a few hundred dollars. After walking a few shops, you find that same item being sold at a much lower price. This is the Unbranded version of the product. It is offering you the same functionality, same features, and even same physical appearance. This is the paradox in our markets. There are electronic gadgets that are available at a high price as they are branded, while at the same time there is something that has so much of resemblance with the branded one but is available at low prices. There are many reasons why the Unbranded electronics like bluetooth speakers are as good as the branded ones.

Physical appearance

The first impression is the last impression, this saying is so true in the debate of Branded and Unbranded electronics. The Unbranded electronics are made to look exactly like the branded one. The companies that make these Unbranded products don’t compromise at all on the physical appearance of the product. They make it so presentable, shiny and resembling that it looks even better than the branded one.


The features are another reason why Unbranded electronics look similar to the branded ones. These companies try to offer all the features that are offered in the branded product. Suppose a phone that is a few dollars might be having the same features like a few hundred dollar phone. These features convince the user to have the opinion that the Unbranded electronics are as good as the branded ones.


No one owns the technology. Once you get your hands on any information, it becomes yours. Their many products which have the same technology as the branded products. Companies are manufacturing mobile chargers which have the same features and functionalities as the branded chargers have. In such a situation, a branded charger is asking its high price just because of the brand name on it. People don’t go for these super expensive products rather they buy products which cost them less and give them much.


Marketing is another game changer. The branded products are not marketed that consciously. These brands think that they have the monopoly of their name but when someone offers it all at a low price the monopoly gets over. The Unbranded products are widely marketed in a thousand of means. They are introduced to every person in the whole city or country. This extensive marketing force people to leave the branded products and adopt the Unbranded. The time they realize the features of the Unbranded product, they get completely impressed of the Unbranded product.


People are much more conscious about the presentation of the product. An unpacked product will surely lag in quality with the branded one. The Unbranded electronics are being wrapped in the most professional manner and up to the international standards. This presentation attracts the mind of the buyer and makes it think that the Unbranded ones are as good as the branded ones.

How to Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

The refurbished phones are setting new trends in the mobile market. There is common thinking of people today that throwing old phones and making new ones will cause the earth its resources. To cope up with the requirements, the earth has to have enough resources. More than that iPhone is a very expensive piece of luxury; it is not every day that you buy a new iPhone. Suppose you have bought a new iPhone and by the time you get to know it, you realize that it is not what you wanted. This will cost you your money, and you may have to compromise on some of your crucial requirements. Thus, having a refurbished iPhone can be a very good option. It will save you hundreds of dollars and can also give you space to check the phone for your needs.

Buying a refurbished iPhone

refurbished iphoneBuying a company refurbished iPhone is not an easy task. Apple hasn’t launched company refurbished iPhones on their online store. They have a whole team of technicians, but they save the stock for the people who run into some problems with their iPhone. In a situation like this, you have to consult a third party that is selling a refurbished brand. There are some complications involved in this procedure as there is a third party involved that is to be trusted. Here is a complete guide explaining how to buy a refurbished iPhone.

Find a third party

The first and the foremost step is to find a trustworthy third party that is selling refurbished iPhones. You must look for someone having good ratings and satisfactory reviews.

Return Policy

You must do some research on the third party you are selecting. You must see the return policy of the company. You must get enough time to test your device. If there is any problem, there must be a proper procedure to handle such problem. The party that is offering a return policy of, ideally, 99 days in a year is considered as ideal to do business with.

Technicians & inspection

You must research whether that company has a proper team of technicians or not. You must be fully aware of the inspection procedure of the company. You must know that if a problem arises in your device, how is it going to get resolved?


The price of your device must be low. Typically a refurbished iPhone like one from apple refurbs has a price difference of hundreds of dollars. If a party is asking for more than you must get alarmed.